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MacBook Pro takes hours to turn on after battery drain


So I was recently away for about two weeks and I left my laptop and home and did not use it, I left it unplugged on a flat surface for those two week and when I came back and tried to turn it on it acted like it had run out of battery (understandable) but I tried to plug my charger in and the charging light did not turn on and the computer would not power up, I tried to figure out different ways to fix it and one of the times I just plugged it in and it just started charging out of no where, it didn’t seem like it was something I did, just chance and then it power up and started working.

I have rest the SMC multiple times, tried using the battery to 0 and then charging it back up but it seems then whenever it runs out of battery all the way which happens when I don’t use it super frequently it takes hours for the little light to turn on and for it to start charging again and turn on. I can’t seem to figure out what makes it charge again it just starts out of no where I’ve tried many outlets and chargers and it’s not them I bought this computer a little under two years ago and I don’t understand why it’s having problems so soon? please help thank you!<33


MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015