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Here’s another fix. I replaced the trackpad, hard drive, and RAM chips on my early 2011 17” unibody. Had to take out fans motherboard and battery. I got the machine back together and booted up but found that neither the trackpad nor the keyboard worked. The trackpad does click to enter but does not control the mouse. For the keyboard I had the same problem with the connector. I also managed to break off the locking lever. I tried at least five different methods, tape, plastic shim, etc. the end of the keyboard tape was starting to look a bit beat up from all of my attempts. I could see that the row of metal contacts on the top of the wire tape was not going completely into the connector socket. I had resigned myself to getting an external keyboard and in desperation tried one last thing. I took a straight edge razor blade and with a small piece of wood (tongue depressor) underneath as a cutting board I cut off the end of the tape, somewhere between 1/64” and 1/32”. I inserted the trimmed wire tape into the connector and the top row of metal contacts now disappeared into the housing. I put the broken locking lever back in place, put a piece of scotch tape over the whole mess, booted up and it worked! Keyboard back in action! If anyone has an idea about how to get the trackpad mouse to work, let me know.