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This may not work in your situation but I was able to repair my pump.

Here's how:

1. I removed the pump and disassembled it.

2. Went to this website and compared my pump components

to their diagram-photos.

3. I noticed a small ball-valve in the diagram that I didn't see in

pile of pump parts.

4. Upon closer inspection I discovered the ball wedged into the

barrel of the stainless or aluminum piston rod.

5. I replaced the ball as it looked worn. For lack of

anything better that was immediately available

I cut off a large round pinhead

found in my sewing kit.

6. After reassembly and re-installation of the pump I tried it out.

Nothing! Well I had to go somewhere and came back three

hours later and turned the machine on for one last try -

as of now it's working! Steam and espresso both on line.

Only one of the o-rings in the pump looked like it needed to be

replaced. Maybe some of the fine springs need to be replaced

as well. The machine is seven years old and I just saved $250

not replacing the it. And I saved $75.00 dollars not

buying a new pump.

I also took snapshots as I disassembled everything so

I'd remember what went where....good luck.