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For anyone asking about the surface pro screen replacement/tools:

So I have successfully replaced a screen on an SP1. I followed this youtube video:

SP1 = 1514 Surface Pro 1

SP2 = Surface Pro 2

It says its for SP2, but the SP1 and SP2 are basically the exact same.

I had dropped my Surface down a small flight of stairs while it was in a protective sleeve. It had a crack down the right side of the screen and the screen still functioned, but the digitizer was messed up for touch on about half of the screen.

It is actually quite easy to open the surface (as long as you don't mind breaking the screen). If you are trying to open your surface pro and replace the screen it is quite easy to apply a heat gun to the border of the screen and remove the screen, but you will almost definitely break or crack the screen if you move too quickly.

If you are trying to save the screen and re-attach it is a NIGHTMARE.''' In other words, if you are replacing the screen it is easy, but if you are trying to open it and replace a hard drive, battery, or another part and then re-apply the same screen, then it is quite difficult.'''

If you have to open it, you might as well spend $60-100 buying a cheap surface pro screen (+digitizer) on ebay and just replacing the screen+digitizer when you take it apart.

Now, if you are EXTREMELY careful you can remove the surface screen without damaging it. I DID accomplish this, but I spent better half of a day applying heat to the bezel, using ONLY plastic spudges, guitar picks, and other plastic tools to ever so slightly remove the screen from the bezel over time. It took a lot of heat and patience to do this, but took about 8 hours overall.

I just had to remove the screen and get data off the microSSD, so I have seen youtube videos of using some 3M adhesive tape being used to replace the adhesive to reassemble the screen, but I just ended up using the surface for parts.

Later I will make a youtube video and post it here, I still need to edit the video. You can find my email somewhere in this thread.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you think you can separate the screen form the bezel without cracking the screen I say go ahead and try. I did it, and I think if you are really patient you can do it. I used a painters heat gun from Lowe's or home Depot ($40) to get the job done. That was the best tool for the job.