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It shouldn't leak.  It does!  The problem is with the design.  Turn something with liquid in it upside down with only a screw cap to seal it (and believe me, I've screwed it on as hard as I can) and apply a very strong force - the motor - it's going to leak.

This is a design fault.  Unless Nutribullet come up with a better closing device, the obvious will occur!

I have tried it every way - smaller and smaller amounts of fruit/veg/water etc. etc.....

Smaller amounts leak less, but they then don't give enough yield.  So you have to make up 3-4 batches and still have to try to clean out the machine.

This is not satisfactory in this age!  We went to the moon in the 1960s and the space agey looking nutribullet cant produce a leak free drink????  It seems not to be fit for the purpose it was designed for.

The thing that sells this piece of equipment is it's very, very sexy.  Beautifully designed and packaged, but what use is attractive form without equally attractive function?

Problem is put the screw cap at the top - the right way up, and it looks pretty much like any other blender!  And just about any other blender that has a motor from 600 - 900 watt (and you can get them - check it out online) can do the job as well and have longer running times if needed.

I will be contacting Capbran Holdings to try and resolve the leaking issue, but from what Im reading online i dont hold out much hope!

Wouldn't buy one again and would recommend to a friend that they get a good quality blender/liquidiser with a strong motor.  It'll do the same job without the mess!

Nowhere Girl.