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Vicky,  do some basic checks first, before you even think about starting to replace items.  Do some basic maintenance FIRST:

1) Clean out the "well" in the bottom of the coffeemaker,

2)  Make sure that the spreader is positioned on the tube and spring so that the spring is pushing the tube down with good pressure.

3)  Make sure that the tube is not clogged or plugged.

4)  Run a cleaning cycle using at least 6 tablespoons of Cascade dishwasher powder (my preferred cleaner) in place of the coffee, depending on how much COLD water you put in the coffeemaker.  But the water should NEVER be warmer than around 55 degrees Fahrenheit - if warmer, coffee will NOT PERK PROPERLY.]

5)  Record the time to perk and the temperature of the water after the coffeemaker stops "perking" (listen for the "click" of the thermostat when the perking stops).

6)  Now come back and tell us what you found out, such as:  Time to Perk, Water Temperature, Spring was weak, Tube was plugged, Well was filthy, etc.