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I observed mineral deposits on the gasket at the bottom of the thread, after cleaning did not help with steam escaping.

I disassembled the lid and there is a pressure escape valve in the lid where I tried to re-extend the spring to no affect.

The one fix where I only have 1 test so far with only light tightening on the lid and no steam, was '''cleaning the holes in the metal filter basket'''.  I held up to the light and noticed a lot of them were plugged.  I scrubbed both sides of the filter and significantly opened up more of the holes (hold up to light to look through).  I used a small amount of LCR lime remover on the filter basket and lots of rinsing.  Smooth coffee brewing without steam!!!

The''' coffee grounds and metal holes together cause a high back pressure''' in the boiler compartment, which tries to escape through the safety valve in the lid