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Mine is doing this, but I think the problem is that I made a few stupid errors:  #1 I did not pay attention to hard water deposits--cleaning them out regularly.  Instead, I didn't do it for the entire time I've had it.  Needless to say, those deposits have been forming for years.  I've had my little machine for soooo many years (mine was made in Switzerland, if that gives you an idea--I think I've had it for over 25 years).

When I finally did think to check it with a flashlight, I was horrified to see the large accumulation of mineral deposits.

Lesson:  I'm going to be using distilled water from now on (unless filtered water is also free from minerals) and I will be checking the inside area regularly with a flashlight.

Error #2:  I soaked the boiler area with a strong solution of vinegar to break up the deposits.  It worked.  It didn't get all of it out, but it got a lot out.   So I settled for that--but in hindsight I think I should have bought an actual coffeepot cleaning solution.

Error #3:  I didn't stop to think what would happen to those leftover deposits.  They flaked away and headed up the equipment to the area that sprays water onto the coffee grounds.  The area that is behind the wee tiny holes.

I'm fairly certain that there are enough deposit flakes/chunks in there that they're blocking the tiny holes so that the boiling water can't flow through to the coffee grounds; consequently the pressurized steam is finding any escape holes it can find--in my case it's escaping above the coffee grounds holder.

We tried to remove the screw holding that plate in place, but I guess the years have caused the metal to become soft and the threads completely stuck--instead of unscrewing, it stripped.

I've since gotten a backup machine, but I'll be taking mine in to a proper repair person as soon as I can find one--someone who can probably cut off the darn screw, remove the plate and then work magic on getting the rest of the hard water deposits out and then putting it all back together (yes, I love my machine so it's worth this trouble).

Bottom line, my machine is failing due to operator error, not machine error.  I have reassured it that as soon as I get it fixed, it will take its proper place at the front of my counter for coffee.  :~)