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Alcatel Pixi 3, and some other similar/related phones

-- There is a common fault with the charging docks. Although the dock is supposed to be superior to the USB/charging plug, these phones have poor quality docks. The idea is, after repeated use the weaker component will fail first. In many cases the weaker componant is unfortunately not a cheap cable that nobody would mind replacing.

-- there are also 2 other very common issues. One is with the ribbon feed wires from the battery to board. It's not uncommon for the small plug to work loose, (through phone movement/vibration, heating, etc), creating a poor enough connection you can experience a number of issues, most commonly:

Without warning the phone may simply power off and fail start. If left for a while it may fully start and last a few hours, or it may power off just half way through the first boot. Typically, if it doesn't last through the boot-up this time then it won't make it much further than the first vibrate next time round.

++ To solve this, remove all the tiny screws and remove the battery. Inspect the connections and manipulate the connection rods very slightly in such a way to create a more rigid hold once the plug is returned. A drop of an epoxy, or non-conductive super glue on top of the fixing should prevent this repeating.

-- Another problem, a little less common yet with similar symptoms is again a circuitry connection issue. By t