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I have the problem of a "short perk" , gets hot and perks (and maintains a standing hot temperature after the perk completes) , but doesn't perk long enough (only for a minute or two) and coffee is too weak .

I tried sanding thermo , didn't help .

Actually , I dont understand why a "better contact" would help , if the thermo is "normally open " and closes on reaching it's high temp , it seems that if it is closing too soon it must be making good contact? ,  the contact transfers the heat so  a "short perk" suggests that either full temp has been reached or that the thermo is defective .

If contact was poor wouldn't the thermo  just keep perking forever as full temp would never be reached to close it's circuit and shut it off?

I replaced the thermo with a new 194 F Uxcell , tested the water temp and it was still only in the 150's F just after perking and shutting off  , I hear it "click" when the brewing stops , so is the new thermo defective or is there some other problem?

How is the spring a factor? , is that the spring on the coffee pot rod or a thermo holding spring? , because the spring on the coffeeepot rod is set at a fixed position so cant be adjusted .