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Pump seems to be working, but no shot coming through portafilter.


We've had our Starbucks Barista for years and have used it regularly. Awesome machine. Recently though, we can't get a shot to pull. The pump sounds normal, so, we hear the pump push water into the portafilter, but then, the "swoosh" sound of when the pressure pushes the shot out never comes. Sometimes, water leaks around the portafilter, but most of the time, nothing comes out. When I release the portafilter, it either splats everywhere, but most of the time it is just water and grounds, or just wet grounds. I cleaned the portafilter as recommended on your site and reassembled, but this did not help. I also descaled the machine, and when I did this, I pulled a lot of water & solution through both the wand and the shower head, so I think the pump is ok. But, this did not help either. Any ideas?


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