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Got the MBP and it seems to be pretty easy.

I opened it and first thing I noticed is sand inside the MBP; I removed the RAM modules and blew away the dust from the banks and their contact pins.

As the RAM modules do not have a sticker with a known manufacturer (just an "M" on it), I looked up some modules I had stored as spare parts.

They are not of the same manufacturer, but of the same type mainly (10600) and so I installed on of them at first.

The MBP booted from USB drive - perfect.

I turned it off and installed the second one.

It booted again. Perfect.

No beeps anymore (I tried it with the old modules and the same moment I had pressed option key I could not even switch on the MBP ... everytime I pressed on/off it started to beep immediately).

So I put back the SSD I removed with the modules at first and the MBP booted from USB drive by itself, recognizing the SSD.

I started disk utility and I could see that only 200 MB were used - so I assume, someone installed the new modules and also the SSD at the same time, started an installation, but the installation failed because of the misbehaving RAM modules and everything ended up in a non-installed, but labeled SSD.

At the moment I am installing Mavericks ... :-)

Will keep you updated.

Regards, Stone