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Ben, free? can't go wrong with that. Yes it does have severe damage, but since we do not know if it was on at the time of the damage or where the damage has originally occurred, I'd definitely give it a try. Remove the logic board and do clean it with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Careful with toothbrushes since you do not want to scrub SMD components off. Repeat that process a couple of times. Once it is clean, visually inspect components for corrosion damage, you can sometimes see that the FET's etc. have actually corroded of the board. Pay very close attention to the LVDS connector, it does have a tendency to corroded and shorten out rapidly.  Once you are satisfied with that, give it a try and see what happens.Hope you are going to post some images after you cleaned the board so we can see what it looks like.