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I had the same problem.  I lost one of the rubber bumpers on my track pad.  I had a apple blue tooth key board that was not working so I removed the rubber bumpers from the key board.  I trimmed away the outer edge of the bumpers so they fit neatly in the holes of the track pad.  I attached the bumpers using the 3M adhesive strips that come with the little hooks you hang on your wall. I attached the key board (trimmed down) bumper  pad to one side of the adhesive tape, then carefully trimmed away the excess around the bumper pads.  Next I pulled the protective paper from the 3M adhesive and made some small minor shaping until it was round and the same size of the bumper pad.  I attached the bumper pad to the track pad.  I then did the other size so they would be the same.  It worked great.  No problems at this point.