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Here's what I did to solve the problem.  You'll need a small screw driver, two small ty-wraps, a paperclip, and vinegar and water.  Here's the process:

1.  Descale the brew machine using the instructions from Kuerig

2.  Clean out the exit needles using a paper clip per the Kuerig instructions

3.  Clean the one-way valve.  This valve is located inside the unit beneath the top cover of the unit.  It will gum up and inhibit the flow of water through the unit.  Cleaning/blowing it out will fix this issue.

a.  Unplug the unit.

b.  Remove the water container from the unit.

c.  Remove the top cover from the unit.  This requires removing the two small screws from

the  bottom of the top cover.  Open the top as you would to put in a k-cup.  The two

small screws are located on the top.  You'll need a flashlight to see them.

d.  The one-way valve is located on the top and is a larger clear rubber valve attached to

the inlet needle on one end and the hose to the heater on the other end.  This end is

secured  with two small ty-warps.  Remove the two small screws holding the valve in

place.  Cut the ty-wraps and remove the valve from the inlet needle and hose.

e.  Take the one-way valve and blow it out from the end that was hooked to the

heater hose.  I used a small air compressor to clear the valve.  You'll see the check

valve move open and closed on the inside while blowing it out.

4.  Replace the one-way valve.

5.  Replace the cover.  This can be a pain since it's hard to see the holes and screws.  Be prepared for a few cuss words.  If you drop the screws into the k-cup holder you can shake it and they will fall out the bottom.

6.  Replace the water container.

7.  Plug the brewer in and test.

Now you can run a cup or two through the system.  Again I used a small compressor to blow out the one-way valve.  This worked best for me and made the repair quick.  The unit has been working like brand new since this repair.