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I have the Breville version, three+ years old.  It's a replacement Sur La Table gave me, no questioned asked, when the first one short-cupped after only a month. (I'd owned a Keurig B75 Platinum that had failed twice and been replaced twice by Keurig--and broke again a week past warranty expiration). I use Crystal Geyser water, and sometimes filtered water from the fridge.  After it short-cupped sporadically, I descaled 6 mos. ago, which worked for awhile.  In the past couple of weeks, not only did it start short-cupping drastically but also took forever to heat and brew. Got so that I had to use my espresso machine to add either hot water or brew a shot of espresso into the black coffee in the cup!

Did the paper-clip thing on the needles and cleaned the reservoir screens--then it heated a full cup of hot water (slooowly) but only a half-cup of tea. Removed reservoir again to unscrew the top in order to check the hoses (housing the My K-Cup holder and scoop) but found and removed only two screws. And the top would not budge, so I put the screws back in. Next, I removed the reservoir again and hit EVERYTHING that had a hole in it with a blast of canned air. Then I dragged the machine to the sink, turned it upside down and shook and whomped it on the bottom a couple of times.  Brought it back, replaced the reservoir, plugged it in and turned it on.  Had to reprogram it--and this time it brewed a full 7-oz. cup of Sumatra (as swiftly as when new) on the default 7-oz. setting. Keeping fingers crossed.  Next time if it malfunctions I will do all of the above plus descale. If that doesn't work, I will let it rest in peace--at its age it's already beaten the Reaper.  Would replace it with a Vue were it not for the huge backlog of K-cups I still have (several months' supply, at an average of six or seven cups a day). But meanwhile, I've developed a taste for a "red-eye" (that shot of 'spro brewed into a cup of coffee).  ;-)