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Hi Josh / All,

I have one with the same error. I can get it to turn on and get it into DFU mode - but it doesnt appear to 'ping' the PC?

by that I mean generally speaking you hear the iPhone connect to the computer and start processing the recovery drivers - this one doesn't.

I've switched everything possible. basically put the logic board into different handsets with different batteries/dock connectors etc - had no luck at all.

I've just finished the process of cleaning the PCB with PCB & Flux cleaner - again no luck.

The previous guy I think had tried to replace the back cover and ended up using superglue. I know this as there was some on the board. After cleaning etc I thought that might do the trick - '''''bold text''Josh if you havent tried that I would recommend doing it!!'''

I had one previously that seemed to navigate the menu's by itself - 1 night resting after a spray with the PCB spray fixed it.

shame this one wont :(

please help someone!! I wish I knew someone with a MAC I could try it with - they work better with them dont they?