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Any one who attempts to separate an iPod touch screen and digitizer must understand that there is a risk involved, I have had a few successes, but I can say that it takes an awful lot of work and patients and is very time consuming, firstly you need something very thin, I always use a screen protector, and a safe solvent, to start with you need to work the screen protector very gently in between the lcd and the digitizer, the gum in between the two can be loosened with adding small amounts of plain water, but again you need to be very careful not to alow the water to work it's way in between the four layers that make up the lcd, this can be very time consuming as the screen protector has to be worked down In between the two screens adding tiny amounts of water as you go very carefully and slowly, WD40 is a very effective solvent but can be very messy resulting in a time consuming clean up of the screen afterwards,  the question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth so much effort, as there is a 40 % chance of success, and I only do this as a last resort