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Ok...Mine had similar issues.  After trying all of these I was still unable to get water to flow.  So, I took the head apart.  I then removed the hose from the nozzle that is in the head.  I started to brewer, carefully holding the hose in a cup.  I got some water flow, but not much.  I then took the nozzle out of the head and blew through it.  Apparently it is a pressure sensitive nozzle and it may have been stuck as I was able to clear it out.  I ran the cycle through the brewer several more time before I was able to get good flow through the hose.  I then hooked it back up to the nozzle and it works.  I just made a fresh pot...good to have you back Keurig.

Be careful with the hose when brewing as the water is very hot.

The burping method may have had the most impact as I would have the machine on and tilt it upside down (water reservoir removed) and I could get some flow.